Mix-n-Match Recipes

As people find themselves staring at full pantries with questions about how to use up all the contents of their cupboards, Mix-n-Match Recipes could be the answer people are looking for. A little bit of this, a dash of that, and suddenly you have a full meal instead of just random ingredients. Try it! These recipes are being offered free of charge to hopefully bring some help in the midst of a difficult time.


What People are Saying About Mix-n-Match Recipes:

  • Mix and Match Recipes is a tiny treasure of a cookbook that will get you in and out of the kitchen in a hurry. The recipe for the Mix and Match Fruit Crisp is worth the price of the book! I love this recipe, especially served with ice cream.” – The Rebecca Review
  • “I love the mix and match soup recipe. The only soup I remember my mother making was a big deal all day soup. Thanks to mix and match, I have learned how easy soup is to make.” – Mary Beth
  • “For many years I’ve cooked from the original Mix and Match Recipes: Creative Recipes for Busy Kitchens and I was so happy to find her book reprinted and also in the Kindle format. I use the Kindle reading app on my iPad meaning I can quickly check recipe ingredients while I’m shopping. I can also use my iPad while cooking in the kitchen, if needed. This cookbook is tried and true (TNT) and the recipe combinations are endless.” – Amazon reader


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