The Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book


The Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book: Hints and Hacks for Home and Family

Author:  Deborah Taylor-Hough
Released: May 2nd, 2015
Paperback: 138 pages
ISBN-10:  0692442286
ISBN-13:  978-0692442289
List Price: $9.95  

(Previously Titled: The Simple Mom’s Idea Book: Handy Hints for Home and Family)

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The Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book contains tips and suggestions for everything from cooking, saving money, celebrating the holidays, and just generally raising a family.  If you’ve been looking for some simple ideas for life and homemaking … from someone who’s been around the block more than once or twice … look no further. Have no fear, the Original Simple Mom is here!


Deborah Taylor-Hough is the author of a number of books including Frugal Living for Dummies (Wiley) and the bestselling Frozen Assets cookbook series (SourceBooks).

While starting life as a new wife and then mom to three children, Taylor-Hough wished for a personal mentor.  Someone who could take her under their wing and show her the ropes of being a stay-at-home mom, live on a single income, survive in a tough economy, educate her three lively kids, and raise children who grew to be successful adults with character and integrity.  Deborah’s own mother had experienced several strokes which had left her unavailable to offer generational family advice.

Well, that mentor Deborah had hoped for never appeared.

Not to be deterred, Deborah kept plugging away.  She kept notes as she went about her day-to-day life, convinced that someday she may have an opportunity to be that mentor to someone else that she’d always longed for in her own life; a friendly guiding hand for someone starting out on a similar life path.  Following her husband’s diagnosis with a rare degenerative brain disorder, she also learned firsthand about the special challenges of single parenting.  She also learned a thing or two about cooking and cleaning along the way.


  • Saving on Home Heating Costs
  • Keeping Your Summer Organized
  • Simplifying Party Planning
  • Frugal Holiday Ideas
  • Teacher Appreciation Ideas
  • Family Entertainment on a Budget
  • Emergency Cooking Substitutions
  • Beating the Breakfast Rush Hour
  • The Joys of Crockery Cooking
  • Avoiding Mosquito Bites
  • Using Up Leftovers (excerpt)
  • Low-Budget Meal Planning

… and lots more!

61ghrkhptflThe Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book: Hints and Hacks for Home and Family
 is available in both paperback and Kindle ebook formats.

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