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In early 2015, Deborah Taylor-Hough — author of a number of popular books including Frugal Living for Dummies® (Wiley) and the bestselling Frozen Assets cookbook series (SourceBooks) — discovered that several of her older books had gone out-of-print with the original publishers. Consequently, the publishing rights for those titles reverted back to the author.  After frequent requests from her blog readers and Simple Times e-magazine subscribers, Taylor-Hough decided to bring those older books back into print.  Thus was born this small independent publishing venture, Simple Pleasures Press.

Current re-Releases:

Upcoming re-Releases:

  • A Simple Choice: A Practical Guide to Saving Your Time, Money, and Sanity
  • Frozen Assets Readers’ Favorites


A Twaddle-Free EducationAfter receiving several traditional publishing offers, Deborah Taylor-Hough decided to independently publish her latest book, A Twaddle-Free Education: An Introduction to Charlotte Mason’s Timeless Educational Ideas, through Simple Pleasures Press.

A Twaddle-Free Education is the compilation of Taylor-Hough’s writings on Charlotte Mason-related educational topics from articles originally published in The Charlotte Mason Monthly newsletter which Taylor-Hough published for 10+ years in conjunction with The Dollar Stretcher family of resources.

Taylor-Hough now publishes and edits both the Charlotte Mason eMagazine and Simple Times.


HabitsAs a long time Charlotte Mason-style home educator who often felt overwhelmed by Charlotte Mason’s extensive writings and wasn’t always sure where to find the specific information she was looking for, Deborah Taylor-Hough sorted through Charlotte Mason’s original six-volume set of educational books and separated Mason’s writings out by topic.  Those topical regroupings of Charlotte Mason’s writings are in the process of becoming the Charlotte Mason Topics series.  Currently three books — Habits, The Outdoor Life of Children, and Ideas and Books — are available, but several more are on the way.


In addition to more titles from Taylor-Hough and Charlotte Mason, a number of other out-of-print and Public Domain titles will be added to the Simple Pleasures Press inventory in the near future.

We’ve started keeping a blog on this site, as well.  You can follow this website by email using the sign-up form located on the sidebar if you’d like to keep up-to-date on our latest events, announcements, book releases, speaking engagements, random notes, etc.

*Simple Pleasures Press titles are produced in conjunction with the CreateSpace publishing platform and available for purchase through Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle ebook formats.

To locally purchase paperback editions of any of our titles, let your bookseller know Simple Pleasures Press titles are available via Baker & Taylor. You may need to provide the bookstore with the ISBN numbers of any books you’re looking for so they can locate the item. All our titles are considered new releases at this point.

Simple Pleasures Press* is dedicated to providing helpful, inexpensive, and easily accessible materials for homemaking, parenting, homeschooling, and simplifying daily life.

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