“The Saviour of the World” Poetry Series

saviour of the world vol 1Simple Pleasures Press is pleased to be bringing The Saviour of the World six-volume set by Charlotte Mason back into print, thus making Mason’s poetic works on the life of Christ available once again after many years of being out-of-print (except in digital formats).

These books of poetry will appeal to Mason’s current fans, to Christians of many persuasions, and to anyone who enjoys reading epic and/or religious poetry.

saviour of the world vol 2The first three volumes, Vol. 1 – The Holy InfancyVol. 2 – His Dominion, and Vol. 3 – The Kingdom of Heaven, are currently available.  The remaining three volumes will be released throughout the summer and fall of 2016.

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(c) The Armitt Museum and Library; Supplied by The Public Catalogue FoundationCharlotte Mason is known today as a British educationalist from the early 1900’s whose ideas and philosophies are currently being rediscovered by modern day home schools and private schools throughout the world. Many of Mason’s modern readers may be unaware of her devout spiritual life and her deeply moving poetry.

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The source text(s) for The Saviour of the World volumes were rare hard-bound used copies from England. Here is the original publication information from the source text for Volume 1 – The Holy Infancy:

Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., Ltd.
Gerrard Street, W.

Printed Ballantyne, Hanson & Co.
At the Ballantyne Press, Edinburgh.

These new paperback editions from Simple Pleasures Press aren’t exact reproductions of the entire original works, but only contain Mason’s poetic content presented in an inexpensive paperback format. These editions don’t contain the art/images which were included in the original source texts, the layout and formatting have been slightly adapted throughout, and the index was updated to reflect the content of the paperback editions.



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