This week’s winner is …

And the winner of Contest #2 is Sheri R.!  Her entry was chosen using a random number generator.  She’s won an autographed copy of my recently re-released book, Mix-n-Match Recipes: Creative Ideas for Today’s Busy Kitchens.

Feel free to stop by the contest’s webpage and see some of the great Frugal Recipes that others entered.  You’re welcome to still add your own food ideas, too. Although the contest is over, the comment section will remain open for people to discuss their frugal recipes and money-saving food ideas.

Coming up on Monday, another book giveaway contest for A Twaddle-Free Education: An Introduction to Charlotte Mason’s Timeless Educational Ideas!  You might want to let your homeschooling friends know about this contest.  More info to follow. So stay tuned. 🙂



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