Excerpt from The Kingdom of Heaven

Excerpted from The Kingdom of Heaven (The Saviour of the World – Vol. 3)
by Charlotte M. Mason
Part of an epic six volume set of poetry on the life of Christ.

BookCoverImageThe Passover was Nigh

The Passover was nigh; high Spring had come;
As when an army passing through a land
Leaves track of desolation, charred and sere,—
E’en so another host had passed that way
Leaving the land apulse with life and light!
Life had made her royal progress, hung her boughs
With rosy blossoms; made the waste to bloom—
Garden of flowers rich-painted, odorous; Continue reading

New Release! The Saviour of the World – Volume 3 – The Kingdom of Heaven

BookCoverImageThe Saviour of the World – Volume 3 – The Kingdom of Heaven

Author:  Charlotte Mason
Released: July 9, 2015
Paperback: 184 pages
ISBN-10: 1514752999
ISBN-13: 978-1514752999
List Price: $8.99  Reduced! $7.99

(Reprint of a title originally published in 1908.)

To order your copy of The Kingdom of Heaven via Amazon.com, simply click on the book cover’s image or click here.

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Who is Charlotte Mason?

(c) The Armitt Museum and Library; Supplied by The Public Catalogue FoundationCharlotte Mason was a British educator from the early part of the last century. Her methods and philosophies have recently experienced a resurgence—especially among American homeschooling families.

saviour of the world vol 1Simple Pleasures Press is pleased to be bringing Charlotte Mason’s six-volume set of poetry on the life of Christ back into print, as well as publishing the Charlotte Mason Topics series (excerpted and adapted from her original writings on the topic of education).

Mason’s emphasis on developing a lifetime love of learning was in stark contrast to the almost anti-child climate of her time.According to a World Wide Education Service (WES), pamphlet Charlotte Mason lived in an era when … Continue reading

Excerpt: Homeschooling with a Rock Bottom Budget

51BlGAcUHnLby Deborah Taylor-Hough

The following is excerpted and adapted with permission  from A Twaddle-Free Education: An Introduction to Charlotte Mason’s Timeless Educational Ideas (Simple Pleasures Press, 2015).

Over the years, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had newbie homeschooling moms cry on my shoulder about all the myriads of choices available for home education curriculum and supplies.

“We’re just a struggling single income family! We can’t afford all this awesome sounding stuff! But I want to give my children  a rich and wonderful educational experience!  What do I do?” Continue reading

Did you know … you can get free ebooks?

Did you know that if you order any Simple Pleasures Press paperback titles via Amazon, you can also get a free Kindle ebook version of the book?  (To qualify for the free ebook, the paperback version of the same title has to be ordered from Amazon.)  And to make things simple, Amazon has a free Kindle app that you can download to your computer, phone, or tablet so you don’t actually have to own a Kindle to read Kindle books.  🙂

A Twaddle-Free Education 41rIlTMZdiL Habits The Outdoor Life of Children BookCoverImage

Current titles include: Continue reading

Excerpt from Habits: The Mother’s Secret to Success, by Charlotte Mason

The following excerpt is from the book, Habits: The Mother’s Secret to Success, by Charlotte Mason: a compilation of Mason’s writings on the topic of habit formation in children.

We Think as We are Accustomed to Think

HabitsHow does this bear on the practical work of bringing up children? In this way. We think, as we are accustomed to think; ideas come and go and carry on a ceaseless traffic in the rut— let us call it—you have made for them in the very nerve substance of the brain. You do not deliberately intend to think these thoughts; you may, indeed, object strongly to the line they are taking (two ‘trains’ of thought going on at one and the same time!), and objecting, you may be able to barricade the way, to put up ‘No Road’ in big letters, and to compel the busy populace of the brain-world to take another route. Continue reading

Excerpt from His Dominion (Vol. 2 – The Saviour of the World)

The following is excerpted from The Saviour of the World – Volume Two – His Dominion, by Charlotte Mason.

“Our Father”

Hallow in my vain heart Thy holy Name,
Hallow in my dear home Thy tender Name,
Hallow in all Thy church Thy blessed Name,
Hallow throughout the world Thy mighty Name,
Our Father! Continue reading

Contest #4 – Favorite Parenting Tips

*Contest has ended but the responses are still available in the Comment section.*

Announcing the fourth book giveaway contest from Simple Pleasures Press!  Throughout the month of June 2015, to celebrate the beginning of summer, we’ve been running a series of giveaway contests. This week is the Grand Prize!  The lucky winner will receive one copy of EACH of these five books currently published by Simple Pleasures Press:  A Twaddle-Free Education, The Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book, Habits: The Mother’s Secret to Success, The Outdoor Life of Children, AND Mix-n-Match Recipes! Continue reading

Excerpt from The Holy Infancy

Excerpted from The Holy Infancy (The Saviour of the World – Vol. 1)
by Charlotte M. Mason
Part of an epic six volume set of poetry on the life of Christ.

saviour of the world vol 1Jesus in the Wilderness

Jesus, being full of the Holy Ghost, returned
From Jordan, and straightway the Spirit driveth
Him forth to the wilderness. For forty days
There was he tempted of Satan, and nothing ate:
And He was with the wild beasts all the nights. Continue reading